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About Us

Market places are changing. Largely, this is due to advances in technology and the internet. These days Amazon.com and eBay are market leaders in an emerging online economy which is changing the way we consume goods and services. In response to this traditional business (large and small) is changing the way they relate to their customers, present themselves in the marketplace and apply management in order to remain relevant and profitable. Many businesses are becoming mobile or developing an online presence in order to provide better service and gain market advantage. Throughout this shift these business’ still need to manage quoting, sales invoices, scheduling, and customers, as well as purchasing, and stock control at an operational level. As well as this attention is required for cash management, payroll and compliance data. Therefore, they need to harness cutting edge technology and the internet in order to tip the balance back in their favour.

The internet browser environment itself has expanded from a desk bound application to a completely mobile facility delivered on laptop computers, tablets, phones, glasses and this expansion will continue. Internet connectivity is no longer a barrier, with an abundance of free or cheap connection options. These connections are relatively fast commercial grade with improvements to bandwidth being made every year.

Small business these days has to be “lean and mean" i.e. efficient and effective. Larger business has to be more nimble than ever before, in addition, it also has to be able to monitor and manage this operation in terms of costs, service delivery and management controls.

MPower is an accounting and management tool developed initially for Franchise operations. The application is best suited to the delivery of services as well as goods therefore it has a focus on the operation of the small consumer facing end of the enterprise. The Franchise model of business also requires availability of data, reports, and automated alerts and indicators to higher levels of management. Used properly, this information can be used to quickly rectify problems and improve the efficiency to the delivery of service.

However the MPower system pays dividends in a number modes of business configuration. Perhaps the most suitable is the emerging mobile environment where business is done onsite from a van or truck. These enterprises include mobile mechanics, windscreen replacement, pool services, soft furnishings, floor coverings and any business where quoting and subsequent goods and services are delivered on-site.

The second business configuration is where the business and administration are in separate locations. In this instance, it is common for the operation, service delivery, and point of sale to be separate from administration, accounts payable and receivable. The cloud architecture allows all parties to access live data as required. Many small business’ conform to this model. Additionally, the benefits to larger business and franchise operators exist as a result of cloud computing. This eliminates expensive, network dependant server farms and Remote Desktop type applications as well as the system administration that comes with this configuration. The MPower system is completely hardware independent and will run on any mobile device or desktop device which has internet connectivity.

Users can be grouped or customised to be granted greater or lesser access to system features, reports, or information. The Inventory system is true multi branch and each branch has the ability have unlimited sub-locations. For example a national company may have 20 branches (each with their own inventory) and each branch may have a number of mobile vans (sub-locations). Company information may be shared across all branches or limited to the domicile branch. MPower can be easily reconfigured to provide a hybrid solution where it is justified.