Customers & Case Studies

Customers & Case Studies

The MPower application is a complete web based accounting system written for small and larger business. It allows a number of users to access the application via PC or tablet at the same time from different locations via the internet.

Designed for businesses on the move e.g. mobile tradesmen, appliance repair, home services or any other business who work on location. Alternatively, MPower also enables, offsite employees, contractors or administrators to access up to date information which may be stored centrally. All connections to the data are supported by fixed or mobile internet every moment of the day.

The following case studies illustrate the scalability of MPower.

Suspension Upgrades is a small business. They have a workshop but most of their services are provided on site. Although a small enterprise the owners require accurate and timely recording of sales and reporting of all other business data for immediate and efficient management. MPower is the conduit which allows the efficient flow of data. This means the need for time consuming and costly administration is minimised.

Speedy Exhaust and Towbars is a small family business with two fixed locations and six mobile vans. The business sells and fits towbars to their customers’ cars. Customers call into the shop or phone the call centre for a quote or make a booking and this is created in the MPower calendar. The vans have immediate access to this data and arrange their stock and day accordingly. When the job is done the customer pays via mobile eftpos and the invoice is generated and emailed to the customer’s inbox. If the customer is not present they can be sent an sms advising the job has been completed.

Sargent Rental and Maintenance hire 4WDs and Trucks from their inventory of over 3500 vehicles, as well as providing fleet maintenance services for non-Sargent fleets. They operate out of 17 city and remote locations throughout Australia in places as diverse as Perth, Melbourne, Karratha, Dsyart and Mt Isa. They are heavily involved in the mining sector. Their managers are very mobile have a “hands on” approach in their jobs. Operationally, they use the point of sale functionality offered in MPower. Additionally, management control expenditure by reviewing and authorising Purchase Orders generated from MPower. If a branch requires goods over certain authority limits the system advises the appropriate manager and requests approval. Managers may approve, modify, question, or decline requests. The advisory process is fully automated and the branch receives approvals or otherwise by an immediate response. MPower updates immediately and directly but also employs email and sms as support functions in the management process.