Small business these days has to be "lean and mean" i.e. efficient and effective. Larger business has to be more nimble than ever before, in addition, it also has to be able to monitor and manage this operation in terms of costs, service delivery and management controls.

These days, mobility is king. Whether it is vehicle servicing, soft furnishing or tradie related services, your customers expect you to be there with all the right information. MPower allows you to look after valuable customers whilst staying on top of cash flow and business management whilst you’re on the job.

You choose the hardware and we’ll manage the system. Whether its Quoting, Invoicing, Task Management, Ordering or Stock Control, MPower can manage it. MPower also features email and SMS to help you stay in touch with customers and suppliers.

Overall, the interface is a modern clean looking web application with relevant KPIs and daily tasks displayed.

Multiple Branches

MPower has a sophisticated multi branch inventory. It can support multiple locations from different warehouses as well as sub locations which draw from a main inventory such as a shop with 2 mobile vans delivering services. In this way you can configure your business to deliver the best service and better returns to the bottom line.

MPower stock can also be configured so that the stock can be visible between branches and optimised via branch transfers. Thus increasing stock turnover rate. Stock pricing matrix is very flexible and can be set to activate at many levels throughout the transaction.

Users can be grouped or customised to be granted greater or lesser access to system features, reports, or information. These users can have spending authority limits and purchase orders will automatically forwarded to authorised managers for approval where purchases are outside of a users limits. This introduces real control of expenses.

Enterprise Management

MPower is an accounting and management tool developed initially for Franchise operations. The application is suited to the delivery of services as well as goods therefore it has a focus on the operation of the small consumer facing end of the enterprise. The Franchise model of business also requires availability of data, reports, and automated alerts and indicators to higher levels of management. Used properly, this information can be used to quickly rectify problems and improve the efficiency to the delivery of service.

Regardless of whether the operation is operating from a fixed location or mobile or a mixture of both, MPower can provide the Point of Sale services and consolidate the data for enterprise reporting. Additionally, the benefits to larger business and franchise operators exist as a result of cloud computing. This eliminates expensive, network dependant server farms and Remote Desktop type applications as well as the system administration that comes with this configuration.
Overall, the interface is a modern clean looking web application with relevant KPIs and daily tasks displayed.